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Lateral Flow Quiz

Question 1: Testing using lateral flow or PCR testing means that you no longer need to follow non-pharmaceutical measures such as social distancing, hand sanitation and mask wearing?
Question 2: If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 an rt-PCR test must be taken, Lateral flow/rapid antigen testing may be done in addition to rt-PCR but can not replace it.
Question 3: The Swabbing for All rapid antigen/lateral flow tests can be either nasal or nasopharyngeal, it does not effect the result?
Quiz picture 4
Question 4a: Picture A shows in positive test?
Question 4b: Picture B shows a positive test?
Question 4c: Picture C show a negative test?
Question 5: If I receive a positive test I will need to take a rt-PCR test, I should continue to isolate until I have received the result of this test.
Question 6: If you receive an invalid result then this is the same as a negative result and no further action is required?
Question 7: If you produce a positive test you should "double bag" your test kit into the waste bags provided and keep it for 72 hours. After 72 hours you can dispose of the test kit in normal waste bin?
Question 8: If you develop illness symptoms, you need to self-isolate straight away, but can use a rapid antigen/lateral flow test any time to check if this is COVID?
Question 9: Your test kits must be refrigerated at all time?
Question 10: The buffer solution is hazardous?
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