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Module A: Performance Golf

Question 1: Clubhead speed has become one of the most sought-after attributes in professional golf in recent years. Averaging what driving distance was associated with a marked increase in earnings during the 2018 season?
Question 2: True or false: The ability to generate fast clubhead speeds is largely due to genetics and 'natural athletic ability'?
Question 3: Athletic training in golf can increase clubhead speed by increasing ability to generate propulsive forces and dissipative forces. What other benefit is associated with increased strength and conditioning training (assuming correct techniques are used)?
Question 4: True or false: Increasing one's vertical jump impulse is typically associated with an increase in clubhead speed (CHS)?
Question 5: What percentage of weight loss from hypohydration during an activity has been proven to negatively affect physical and mental performance in sport?
Question 6: Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) is a form of psychotherapy that can be used for identifying and challenging an athlete's own irrational beliefs to improve performance. Within REBT, one tool is deemed the 'A to E' method. What do the letters signify?
Question 7: Elite athletes are likely more susceptible to acquiring respiratory infections due to frequent air travel?
Question 8: True or false: It is strongly beneficial to acclimate to new time zones after arrival by adjusting your body clock by 1 hour per day to overcome jetlag.
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