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Different Perspectives

Health Professional Perspective

Dr Andrew Murray works as Chief Medical Officer for the Tour, and as a consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) at the University of Edinburgh.

"Golf is played by over 60 million persons worldwide, by persons from 4 to 104. Golf can provide health enhancing physical activity and a range of health benefits (see Golf and Health), while injury prevention and skin cancer prevention are of high importance.

The difference between winning a four-round tournament and not winning is, in the vast majority of cases less than 1%. Whether you are aiming to win Majors, or take a shot off your score, this edition can help with input from physio, sports psychology, physical preparation, medical and nutrition experts."

Players Perspective

Padraig Harrington, a three-time Major winner and the 2020/2021 Ryder Cup Captain, has provided us with a great player’s perspective. In this BJSM podcast, he discusses some of the challenges faced by professional golfers and discusses how the current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the game.

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