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Disability Golf

Disability golf has become much more popular over the last 10 years and EDGA hosts multiple successful disability golf tournaments and promotes the health benefits of golf for people with disability. This video from EDGA tells the stories of a few of the athletes in disability golf.

This BJSM blog by Tony Bennett (President of EDGA) discusses why golf is a great sport for people living with disabilities and the real health and social benefits it can bring.
Golf – therapy, recreation, competition and passion

The R&A case studies also have countless stories of how golf has helped people living with disabilities through challenging times. The R&A has also produced The Modified Rules of Golf for Players with Disabilities.
The Modified Rules of Golf for Players with Disabilities

Disabled golfers may be at risk of certain medical conditions which are important to understand. Furthermore, for some during travel specific considerations such as risk of dehydration may need to be considered. The documents below provide excellent advice on these issues.

Disablity Golf